Since moving back to Canada in 2003 – I have not completed a single painting. I would start – restart – then start again only to paint over it and start a new – then repeat the cycle. Not sure what kept holding me back from completing my paintings – I would start – then life would always get in the way.

Finding my unique style has been the hardest for me since I began painting in my teens. I am still going through a growth stage at 56.

This painting I started in the winter of 2022. I was inspired to start anything while finishing the last chapter’s of “The Artist Way – by Julia Cameron”. I poured a thick layer of white GESSO over the original painting I was not happy with and smothered it on with a huge paint brush – looking out the basement window I began to paint what I saw – white snow and the islands.

My goal is to finish this painting this year.

I will upload my previous paintings from my younger years soon.

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